Working for seniors to bring seniors together in one strong, non-partisan, non-racial, non-sectarian organization that will work for the welfare of all seniors in Saskatchewan. It is the sincere wish that all seniors in Canada might become united into one strong voice for the betterment of all.

Our primary goals and objectives

  • Publicity and promotions.
  • To provide an organized forum for all seniors.
  • Housing and transportation resolutions.
  • Offer leadership in programs and activities.
  • Work with all levels of government to benefit seniors.
  • Co-operate with organizations across Canada.

SSAI accomplishments

  • Involved in discussions for Universal Medicare.
  • Improved Pensions.
  • Continuation of spouses allowance in the event of a death.
  • Home care.
  • Persuading government to establish district home care boards.
  • Improvements to housing that is affordable and suitable.
  • Foot program.
  • Wellness health programs.
  • Restore fully taxable income to fully account for inflation.
  • Defeating multilateral agreement on investments.
  • Affordable rates for room and board in Saskatchewan nursing homes.
  • Promoting the twinning of more highways.
  • Hold on raising rates on special care.
  • Housing and reducing the education tax.


SSAI Walkathon 2019

Our provincial walkathon has ended for 2019.  It was another extremely successful year.  Congratulations to everyone who participated.  It is because of our members that we are so successful at this event. The provincial totals were 23,761 miles walked, 31 clubs...

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SSAI Convention 2019

The 2019 SSAI convention was held on June 5 & 6 at the Heritage Inn in Saskatoon. Close to eighty senior delegates and visitors attended from rural Saskatchewan met for presentations, discussions and resolution discussions and debate. Senator Nora Cumming...

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Provide Feedback on SHA Service Disruptions

Provide Feedback on SHA Service Disruptions A health service disruption may be caused by a number of factors - unavailable resources, unexpected facility maintenance, equipment failures, illness outbreaks, and others. When temporary health service disruptions happen...

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Help Shape Saskatchewan’s Seniors Strategy

Help Shape Saskatchewan's Seniors Strategy Twenty-seven per cent of Saskatchewan's population is age 55 and older, and that percentage is expected to increase to 34 per cent by 2038. However, Saskatchewan does not have a seniors strategy. At Convention 2019, members...

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Gray Matter Spring 2019

Gray Matters Spring 2019 Published by Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism Be sure to read the SSAI Newsletter on pages 24-27.

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Survey – Seniors Strategy for Saskatchewan

Your input is Crucial! Survey to be completed by March 31, 2019 DO YOU WANT A BETTER FUTURE FOR OLDER ADULTS IN SK? YOUR INPUT IS CRUCIAL! Seniors Strategy Survey Saskatchewan does not have a seniors’ strategy, despite the fact that the percentage of the population 55...

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