The Seniors of Saskatchewan at the SSAI June Conference and AGM took the time to discuss and debate a number of issues of concern to them.  The resultant resolutions were voted on and direction was given to the SSAI board.

One of the resolutions was in regards to the government’s increase of the per prescription fee from $20 to $25.  The perceived impact on seniors was becoming a shocking reality of how the bureaucratic system sometimes doesn’t understand the challenges of the people they are supposed to serve and protect.  Since seniors over the age of 65, on the average, take five prescriptions or more; and those in their eighties, take eight or more, this resulted in an additional monthly cost ranging from $300 to $500 per year.  With increases in utilities, groceries, fuel, etc., this placed a serious burden on seniors with fixed incomes.  In many cases it is forcing them to decide what bills to pay at the end of each month – utilities, rent, groceries or medication??  In too many cases, medication is the one that is by-passed in a struggle to survive.

As a result, SSAI launched a petition to get endorsement from all others faced with this increased cost for medications essential in maintaining some quality of life.  The response has been great!  SSAI is very appreciative of the support that has been provided.

These petitions will be presented in the near future to the government.  It is hoped that they will listen and care.  Nova Scotia seniors endured a similar move by their government.  They united, petitioned, lobbied, and were successful in getting their government to reverse its position with regards to increased prescription costs.  Now it is Saskatchewan’s turn!  We need continued support on this issue.  Seniors and their clubs are encouraged to write letters to their MLA’s to advance the cause.  Together, the Voice of Seniors will be stronger and hopefully, heard by the government.

The voice of seniors can make a difference!