Article 1 – Name

  1. The name of the organization will be Saskatchewan Seniors Association Inc.
  2. The acronym of the name will be SSAI.
  3. The address of the Association will be the address of the President.
  4. The official language of the Association will be English.

Article 2 – Objectives

  1. To bring Senior Citizens together in one strong Association that will work for the welfare of all Senior Citizens in Saskatchewan.
  2. To offer programs and activities that benefit all Seniors.
  3. To work with other organizations with similar objectives.

Article 3 – Membership

  1. Any person may become a member if they pay the prescribed fee to the Association or club.
  2. Member at large must have the approval of the Executive Board.
  3. No member shall hold more than one club membership in the Association, but may be associate member of clubs that have associate memberships.  Associate members of clubs will not have a vote at the convention.
  4. SSAI membership fees will be set by the Executive Board with the approval of the membership at the convention.
  5. Recognition of members will be issued by the Executive Board for any member who is deemed by a club or the Association to have had extraordinary service to the club or Association.
  6. Delegates who are in good standing and have paid-up fees are entitled to one vote at the convention, and may run for vacant offices.
  7. Any member who has withdrawn their membership, or has been removed by the Executive Board for just cause will not have their membership fees returned.
  8. Membership fees are to be submitted to the Treasurer.
  9. Clubs that affiliate with the SSAI must adhere to the objectives of the SSAI.

Article 4 – Voting

  1. All meetings requiring a vote on motions or resolutions such votes will be by a show of hands, unless 5 members request to have a ballot vote.  If voting is to expel a member, it must be a ballot vote.
  2. The President shall not vote.  A tie will be considered as defeated.
  3. A simple 50% plus 1 shall be considered final as to the decision of the motion/resolution in question.

Article 5 – Executive Board

  1. The Executive Board shall consist of: President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Past President, Directors.
  2. The Executive Board, less the Past President, Directors, Secretary and Treasurer, will be elected at the convention, and will take office at the conclusion of the convention.  The Directors will be elected at the respective Regional meetings.  Secretary and Treasurer will be appointed by the Executive Board at the conclusion of the convention.
  3. The Past President will hold office until the current President’s office is vacated and will act in an advisory capacity to the Executive Board.
  4. The following schedule for the election of the Executive Board will be for a two year term:
    • Year 1 and alternating years: President, 2nd Vice President,
    • Year 2 and alternating years: 1st Vice President.
  5. The Executive Board will convene at least 4 times during the year, unless convened by the President for extra meetings.
  6. The Executive Board will prepare and deliver any resolutions that are passed at the convention to the existing Government Officials.
  7. Executive Board responsibilities will be found in the Bylaws.
  8. Signing authority: President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President; also in financial matters, the Treasurer/Secretary will have signing authority.

Article 6 – Convention

  1. The annual general meeting shall be known as the Convention.
  2. The date, time and place of the convention will be set by the Executive Board.
  3. The SSAI constitution can only be changed at the convention, and must have 60 days written notice given to the last known address of the clubs in the Association.
  4. Motions and resolutions must be in writing, seconded, and signed and handed into the Executive Board as prescribed by the Executive Board.

Article 7 – Dissolution

  1. Upon liquidation and dissolution of the Association the remaining property after payment of all liabilities, shall be disposed of in accordance with the wishes of the SSAI.
    Upon Liquidation and dissolution of any club, the remaining property after payment of all liabilities, shall be disposed of in accordance with the wishes of the club.



Article 1 – Bylaws

  1. SSAI may make, vary or revoke bylaws which shall be consistent with, shall not conflict with, and shall not alter the intent of any part of the constitution.
  2. Bylaws may be changed at the Executive Board meeting, but require a 21 day notice to the Executive Board.
  3. Bylaw changes must have a two-third majority vote of the Executive Board.
  4. A quorum will consist of (7) seven Executive Board members.

Article 2 – Duties of Officers

  1. President
    • shall chair all meetings, and committees unless re-delegated to other members
    • shall not vote
    • shall act as an arbiter in consultation with the Executive Board on questions regarding the Association, handling disputes and complaints
    • shall set and be a member of all committees and appoint a chair person
    • shall head all delegations
    • visit all clubs in the Association, time permitting
    • shall ensure all information passed at the Executive Board, or convention is given to the persons responsible
  2. 1st Vice President
    • shall assist the President as required
    • shall take over as President if required until an election can take place
    • shall head important committees as required
  3. 2nd Vice President
    • shall have the same duties as the 1st Vice President
    • shall take over as 1st Vice President if required
  4. Secretary
    • shall be appointed by the Executive Board at the conclusion of the convention
    • shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the SSAI Executive Board
    • shall read the minutes of meetings as requested
    • shall send copies of minutes to Executive Board members, Co-ordinators and clubs
    • shall receive and read all correspondence at the Executive Board or convention
    • shall have custody of the official seal of the SSAI to be used on official documents
  5. Treasurer
    • shall be appointed to the Executive Board at conclusion of the convention
    • shall receive and issue receipts for all dues, per capita fees, and all other monies of the Association, and place them to the credit of the SSAI, in a bank approved by the Executive Board
    • shall make all disbursements of the Association with the consent of the Executive Board as directed and obtain receipts if requested
    • shall keep the accounts of the Association, prepare statements for the Executive Board as required, and see that an audited financial statement is prepared for the annual convention
    • shall co-operate with the auditor appointed by the Executive Board to audit the books and accounts and verify them correct
    • shall be bonded, the type and amount to be decided by the Executive Board
    • shall sign and issue all membership cards to members and clubs
    • shall inform Directors of changes in clubs in a timely manner
    • shall have financial signing authority
    • shall receive within 30 days at the start of the fiscal year the membership fees of the clubs
  6. Directors
    • shall be elected in a region designated by the Association
    • shall ensure elections are held in each district as designated by the Association for the position of Co-ordinator
    • shall act as a link between the Association and Co-ordinators/clubs
    • shall advise and assist their Co-ordinators
    • shall visit/contact all clubs in their region annually
    • shall sit on committees of the Association and help with all SSAI functions
  7. Co-ordinators
    • shall be elected in the district at a district annual meeting
    • shall assist clubs in identifying local problems and possible solutions and keep the Director informed at the club level
    • shall keep the local clubs informed about matters happening at the Assocation level and region level
    • shall actively promote the formation of a District Council consisting of 2 members from each club

Article 3 – Members at Large

  1. Shall become a member at large if no club is available and is approved by the Executive Board.  Persons are to join a club within a year if possible.
  2. Shall pay fees set by the Executive Board and shall be entitled to one vote.

Article 4 – Application Rejection

  1. Club or Executive Board may reject an individual membership with a two-third vote majority.
  2. Club or Executive Board may also cancel an existing membership with a two-third vote majority.
  3. Cancelled membership will not have fees refunded.
  4. Member who has had his membership rejected/cancelled may within 30 days appeal in writing to the President of the SSAI.

Article 5 – Organizational Structures & Administration

  1. The Association is composed of clubs united to form the Saskatchewan Seniors Association Inc.
  2. The province is divided into districts – adjoining districts form a region.
  3. The fiscal year will be April 1 – March 31.

Article 6 – Funding

  1. Funding will be by per capita fee on the membership of its clubs, plus any additional funding or fundraising available.

Article 7 – Clubs

  1. The local group shall be called a club.
  2. Each club will elect its own officers and establish its own bylaws to meet their local requirements in accordance with their constitution.
  3. The clubs’ Executive Board may consist of: President, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, Directors.
  4. The clubs may hold monthly meetings, and will have an annual general meeting.
  5. Elections for Executive Board members will be at the annual meeting.
  6. Shall elect 2 members to attend the annual district meeting at which time a Co-ordinator will be elected.
  7. Each club shall elect 2 voting delegates for each 50 members or portion thereof, 3 for 51 to 100, 4 for 101 to 150, 5 for 151 and over members that per capita fees have been paid on, to a maximum of 5 to attend the convention.
  8. If a club wishes to move to a different region, a letter of application stating the same must be submitted to the SSAI Executive Board.
  9. Associate members – check constitution.

Article 8 – Districts

  1. Boundaries will be flexible enough to take care of any necessary changes.
  2. Each district will elect a Co-ordinator, to hold office for 1 year.
  3. Co-ordinators job description in Article 2 item 7.

Article 9 – District Meeting

  1. Each district will hold a district meeting comprised of members from each club in the district, at least once per year.
  2. At this meeting a Co-ordinator will be elected.
  3. Expenses for the district meeting will be the responsibilities of the district clubs.

Article 10 – Regions

  1. The province will be divided into regions, being formed by districts.
  2. The region will comprise of a Director elected at annual meeting from the Co-ordinators.
  3. Directors and Co-ordinators shall send their expense sheets to the Executive Board Treasurer.
  4. The regions that encompass the cities of Regina and Saskatoon may elect an extra Co-ordinator for these cities if deemed necessary. This would mean 4 Co-ordinators in these regions from which a Director shall be elected.

Article 11 – Provincial Meetings

  1. Convention as prescribed in the constitution.
  2. Executive Board meeting as prescribed in the constitution.
  3. The President may call a special meeting but must give 21 days notice prior to the date of the meeting to each club/Executive Board involved.
  4. Voting as per constitution.
  5. A nomination of a member not present may be made, if the member nominated has signed a written statement signifying acceptance.
  6. Only eligible delegates will be allowed to vote on any issue at convention or special meeting, but permission may be given to other members in attendance to speak on matters of general concern

Article 12 – Oath of Office, Officers of the SSAI and All Its Clubs

Officers shall be lined up at the front of the hall, the installing officer shall ask: Do you the elected officers accept the offices you have been elected to fill?  (If the answer is affirmative, the installing officer shall give the following Oath of Office:)

I, (NAME), do solemnly pledge upon my honour, to perform the duties of my office into which I am about to be installed, to the best of my ability, and in accordance with the principals and constitution of the Saskatchewan Seniors Association Inc.  Always having a high regard for the welfare of the members and all seniors.  I also promise that I will deliver to my successor in office, all records and property of this association, which may be in my possession at the close of my term of office.  To all this I pledge my most sacred word of honour.

The installing Officer will then say:

I now pronounce the Officers of the Saskatchewan Seniors Association Inc. duly installed into their several offices.  May Peace, Harmony, and Great Achievements endure throughout your tenure of office.

Article 13 – Suggested Order of Business

  • Call to order (O Canada)
  • Reading minutes of last meeting
  • Business arising from minutes
  • Inquiry for the sick and disabled
  • Treasurer report and adoption
  • Correspondence
  • Reports of committees
  • Unfinished business
  • New business
  • General discussion
  • God Save the Queen

Article 14 – History

The Saskatchewan Seniors Association Inc. came into being June 12, 1981, at a joint convention held in Saskatoon, the home of the first organized Seniors in Saskatchewan, by uniting the Pensioners and Seniors Organizations, with the Saskatchewan Association of New Horizons Projects, formed in 1976, to give SSAI a membership of over twenty-five thousand.