To become a member of the SSAI We ask that you email us and we will contact you either by Email or letter. By joining you are about to become part of a strong Association which continually works for the welfare of all seniors without regard to their religion, politics or racial origin.

You will have the Opportunity to attend conventions, meet other seniors get new ideas and learn about other interesting things in other areas. It provides you with the ability to bring your issues to the Provincial board where we can unite and speak directly to the government about them. You benefit from the work, research and planning, done by the SSAI.

Groups & Clubs – The SSAI Financial year is from April 1st through March 31st. Membership dues are to be paid each year in April. Please complete this submission form and submit your dues as early as possible.

There are Three levels of membership:

  • Regular members
  • Associate members
  • Members at large

The cost for membership is $5.00/person