Government and Health Contacts:

Supplementary Health Benefits

EYE EXAMS, HEARING AIDS, ETC.. For information on eligibility contact:
Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services
In Regina 1-(306)-798-0660
Toll Free 1-(800)-221-5200

The Seniors Income Plan

Provides senior citizens with the financial assistance required to meet their basic needs.  A monthly supplement is provided to seniors who have little or no income other than the federal Old Age Security pension and Guaranteed Income Supplement.
For further information contact:
Ministry of Social Services
Seniors Income Plan
2nd Floor – 2151 Scarth Street
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4P 2H8
In Regina, call: 787-2681
Call Toll-free: 1-800-667-7161

Saskatchewan Health

3475 Albert Street Regina, Saskatchewan S4S 6X6
Community Therapy: (306) 787-7101
Hearing Aid information: (306) 787-5550
Continuing Care: (306) 787-7896

Medical Care Insurance Branch

(306) 787-3124

Canadian National Institute for the Blind

2500 Broad Street
Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 3Z4
(306) 525-2571

Health Promotion Branch

Telephone: (306) 787-3084

Chiropody Clinic

6th floor 1855 Victoria Ave
Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 3T2
(306) 787-3733
Well Information Services for the Elderly

23 Bell Crescent Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7J 2W2
(306) 374-9473

Revenue Canada

1955 Smith Street
Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 2N8
(306) 780-6015

 Saskatchewan Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission

1942 Hamilton Street
Regina, Saskatchewan S4P2C5
(306) 787-4085

Saskatchewan Ombudsman

#150 – 2401 Saskatchewan Drive
Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 4H8
(306) 565-6211

Saskatchewan Safety Council

140 – 4th Avenue East
Regina, Saskatchewan S4N 4Z4
(306) 757-3197

Health and Welfare Canada Seniors’ Secretariat

Contact: (613) 952-7606

Saskatchewan Community Services

2500 Victoria Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 3X2
(306) 787-9078


2260 – 11th Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 0J9
(306) 565-1232

Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan

210 – 220- 3rd Ave South
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 1M1
(306) 653-1868

The Royal Canadian Legion

3079 5th Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan S4T 0L6
(306) 525-8739

Victorian Order of Nurses

3906 Gordon Road
Regina, Saskatchewan S4S 6Y3
(306) 586-5771
Seniors Education Center

University of Regina

Regina, Saskatchewan S4S 0A2
(306) 779-4706