SSAI Raffle

SSAI will be starting a new raffle fundraiser October 1, 2023 with draw to be held at AGM in Saskatoon on June 13th, 2024

Tickets will be $2 each for a chance to win 1 draw of $1000, 2 x $500, and 5 x $100. 

All sold/unsold tickets and money must be returned to the SSAI Treasurer for deposit in the SSAI raffle account for proper accounting/reporting pertaining to SLGA licence. 

SSAI Member Clubs may use this as a fundraising opportunity – After the completion of this raffle, SSAI will pay to your club $1 for every ticket that your club sold. 

For more information, please contact Shannon Wright by phone 306-493-3023 or email

Mail:   PO Box 455, Vanscoy, SK S0L 3J0

Links to previous Raffles:

SSAI Raffle 2023

SSAI RAFFLE REPORT Licence # SR22-1351     Draw was June 15, 2023 at SSAI Convention in Saskatoon.Tickets were $2 each – (only 10,000 tickets were printed)7,485 tickets were sold.  50% rebate to 49 clubs who sold tickets. Goodsoil Silver Threads club sold the...

SSAI Raffle 2022

SSAI RAFFLE REPORT Licence # SR21-1130     Draw was June 9, 2022 at the Heritage Inn SaskatoonTickets were $2 each – (only 10,000 tickets were printed)6,201 tickets were sold.  50% rebate to 51 clubs who sold tickets Vonda Golden Age club sold the most  tickets...

SSAI Raffle 2021

SSAI RAFFLE REPORT – Licence # SR20-1007Tickets were $1 each – (only 3,000 tickets were printed)Draw was Oct. 1, 2021 - International Day of the Older Person2,123 Tickets were sold. Top sellers: were Blaine Lake Seniors (300) and Edam Seniors (250)!Thanks to everyone...