The SSAI Board meeting was held in Saskatoon September 25th and 26th.

The supply of executive and convention minutes to our many clubs
has created a severe financial burden to the SSAI. After some discussion
The email addresses you send can be from a member of your club who would
be willing to receive the minutes and pass them on to the club.
If you do not have a computer PLEASE use the computer at your library.
Please treat this as an URGENT request. Your cooperation would help us a lot.

Please send your email to

Call to order by President Fern Haight. Others present were Isabel Redstone
Isabel Fowler, Lorna Weldon, Lylie Herman, Mike Kaminski, Sheila Righi, Linda Ard
and Morris Koshchuk. O’Canada and the seniors prayer followed. Fern Haight moved
adoption of presented minutes. Carried. Minutes of last board meeting read by Secty.
Redstone. Carried. The financial report presented by Treas. Fowler. The convention
in June suffered a financial loss but it was better than other years. Motion to accept
this report by Treas. Fowler seconded by Director Herman. Some discussion about the raffle
for the Rough Riders Jersey at Convention. It was mentioned that the Invermay club
intended this to be a fund raiser for the SSAI.

Earlier this year SSAI board members met with both branches of Government
to present the resolutions from 2014. A letter was received from the NDP. Cathy
Sproule is trying to have the government include senior meeting rooms in the
community rink grant since they serve the same purpose as do the rinks. SSAI are
planning on more meetings with government to keep them aware of what we do and
try to accomplish. Further correspondence was received which notifies us that
October 1st, 2015 will be recognized here as the International day of the older
person. Invermay was recognized as first requesting this event. Both Invermay
and the SSAI will receive recognition concerning their proposal. It was felt that
the SSAI should have been recognized first proposing this event since we are
the parent organization and represent more people. Director Righi motioned that
we apply before Jan. 1st to proclaim Oct. 1st as the International year of the
older person. Director Kaminski seconded. Carried.

Oxbow had requested a visit by an SSAI representative and Fern Haight
made the trip on Sept. 15th. The club executive decided to continue their
association with the SSAI. Someone will contact Oxbow and give them details
about our web site and newsletters.

Resolutions (2015) will be presented to Government in early February
or March of 2016. Speaking of resolutions, the ones we shall present are
listed at the end of this report. Please scroll down to view.

It was confirmed the “The bill of rights for health care” legislation
contrary to popular belief, HAS NOT YET BEEN PASSED!

Club members should send their concerns about senior issues to the SSAI
by email. Please send any emails to our president at:

A motion by Director Ard that we print pre-election senior issue
brochures seconded by Treas. Fowler. carried. Motion by Treas.
Fowler that we pay for the brochures printed seconded by Director Ard

The bowling tournament will be held on March 13 and 14, 2016, in
Prince Albert at the Minto bowling alleys. Motel rooms have been
reserved at the Pr. Albert Inn. Confirmation number is 7775. There will
be one complimentary suite. A set of bowling balls will be drawn for this
year. Clubs are asked to donate items for a silent auction. The entertainment
will be by Don Parenteau.

Concerning the web site. We request more activity
reports be sent by clubs for publishing on the internet. Pictures are very
welcome and speak much louder than words. Please send to the following address.

Information was given concerning the NPF (National Pensioners
Federation.)This oranization consists of sixty senior groups which are
united on senior issues. NPF have conference calls monthly with a strong
senior voice in B.C. Ont. and the Maritimes. It was mentioned that Director
Righi who was scheduled to attend the NPF conference regrets she cannot
attend because of a medical appointment. Mike and Cathy Kaminski will attend
the upcoming NPF conference with Cathy being on the resolution team.

Under old business. In particular the “Gray Matters” publication.
Fern Haight expressed disappointment that no help was forthcoming from
Director Trask and Coordinator Foster did not provide us with the promised
club updates, as promised. Next “Gray Matters” publication item is due Nov. 15th
to be published Dec. 1st. If you can help Fern with a article please contact
her at the email address shown above. Further re the “Gray Matters” publication.
If clubs are receiving too many copies of “Gray Matters” notify Fern Haight
right away. She will see that you receive an adequate supply. Treas. Fowler
is moving to Coaldale AB and will continue her duties until a replacement
is found. All mail will be redirected to her.

Resolutions for the year 2016 should be received by us by March 1st, 2016.
Director Koshchuk motioned that resolutions as they are received will be
published on the web site. Director Herman seconds. Carried.

After adjournment by 1st VP Weldon and after supper the meeting
continued. A round table discussion was held and the Board discussed
an outline of a strategic plan which would lead to better communications
with all clubs. A motion was made by Director Herman that we have a face
to face meeting with up to three areas in the course of a fiscal year.
Second by Director Righi. Carried. A further motion by 1st VP Weldon
that we issue a newsletter from each region to all SSAI clubs and call
it “SSAI Region ramblings.” Second by Director Herman. Carried.

Meeting adjourned by Director Righi.

Meeting called to order on Sept. 26th

Director reports were received orally from the directors in attendance.
Treas. Fowler gave further details of wishing to resign as Treasurer.
It was mentioned the the accounting program she uses is “Quick Books”
and this program is owned by the SSAI. Other items mentioned during the
oral reports was that SSAI clubs can apply to Heritage Canada for a grant
to have a Canada day celebration, also that Meota installed Wi-Fi in their
library with an increase of 200% in library useage. Further mentioned by
Fern Haight that if you require lifetime membership certificates, she can
supply them upon request. SSM is promoting age friendly communities. Hanley
and Esterhazy are also involved with the SSM in promotingactivities for
isolated seniors.

The convention committee discussed the silent auction held at the last
convention. It should be promoted to clubs earlier than in 2015 to give clubs
a chance to participate. Sponsors and amount of donations should be made known
to the board. The Convention (AGM)for 2016 will be held at the Heritage Inn in
Saskatoon on June 7th 8th and 9th, 2016. It was mentioned that we would try to
book Brad Wall and Linda Haverstock as speakers for the AGM. Director Ard
made a motion that we pay Linda Haverstock between 250-300 dollars if she agrees
to speak at convention. Second by Director Righi. Carried. Motion by Director
Righi that we continue to have trade tables at the AGM. Charge to be $25.00.
Second by Director Koshchuk. Carried. It was mentioned that the sponsors for
the convention should be contact before January 1st, 2016.It was tabled that
the International day of the older Person will be celebrated on October 1st
(12:00noon) 2015 at the Legislature. Fern Haight will call Brad Wall to ensure
we get a certificate for helping to get this date recognized.

Our next executive meeting will be a telephone conference on Monday,
January 25th 2016, at 10:00 am CST. It was clarified that the nomination
of Lorna Weldon for Vice president at the AGM, was for one year and not
for two years….Marie Rancourt indicated she would like the walkathon
information sent out in January if possible….Sheila Righi was awarded
a cheque for $75.00 for all her work at the 2015 bowling tournament….And
for clubs that have no affiliation with the SSAI it is suggested
we try to arrange a meeting in the fall. Region N and Region O will be
contacted to see if they wish to have such a meeting…Lastly, information
on MRI’s and dispensary fees will be included in the official minutes package.

Meeting was adjourned by Lorna Weldon.
The preceding minutes are the result of the webmasters interpretation
of the official secretarial minutes. They are not etched in stone!

The following resolutions were presented and voted on for submission.
at the Annual General meeting in June of 2015.

#1. AMBULANCE FEES-Be it resolved that the Government
of Saskatchewan through the Ministry of Health provide free
ambulance services when transferring clients from one healthcare
facility to another.

Resolution carried.

#2. QUALITY OF HEALTH CARE-Be it resolved that the Government
of Saskatchewan increase its health services budget to enable the
Ministry of Health to provide a higher quality of health services
for seniors than what is currently in place.

Resolution carried.

#3. CHIROPRACTIC SERVICES-Be it resolved that the Government
of Saskatchewan reinstate the chiropractic services for the residents
of Saskatchewan, as it was before it was removed.

Resolution carried.

#4. CARE HOME BEDS-Be it resolved that the Government
of Saskatchewan through the Ministry of Health, expand health care centres
that are in need of more beds so that those clients needing long term
care can remain in their local communities.

Resolution amended and carried

that the Government of Saskatchewan through the Ministry of health,
provide and publicize a public optical, dental and hearing aid plan that
is affordable. Furthermore, we request the Government of Saskatchewan to
take action to prevent the blatant price gouging by the providers of said

Resolution carried as amended.

#6. SENIORS HOUSING-Be it resolved that the Saskatchewan
seniors association requests the Saskachewan seniors mechanism to
pursue this problem with the Government of Saskatchewan resolving
the inadequacy of senior housing with increasing diligence.

Resolution carried as amended.

#7. INCREASE IN OAS AND CPP PAYMENTS-Be it resolved that
the SSAI through the National pensioners federation
present to the Government of Canada the urgent
need for increases in OAS and CPP payments

Resolution carried.

#8. TRANSPORTATION-Be it resolved that the Government
of Saskatchewan through the Ministry of health put in place a method
whereby seniors with no other means of transportation be enabled
to get to medical appointments.

Resolution carried.

(Late resolution #1) MRI, TWO-FOR-ONE BILLING FOR SERVICE-Be it
resolved that the SSAI through its 2015 AGM express its concerns to
Health Minister Dustin Duncan and the Government of Saskatchewan in
regards to the proposed MRI program changes.

Resolution carried.

(Late resolution #2)CHANGE ANNUAL MEETING TO BIENNIAL-Be it resolved
that this SSAI convention approve and direct the convention and annual
general meeting frequency to a two year biennial (one meeting every two
years)and biennial general meeting. Such change to comply with all legal
administrative and election ramifications.

Resolution was defeated.

(Late resolution #3)TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION REPORT-Be it resolved
that this SSAI AGM go on record as supporting the general principles
in the Truth and Reconciliation report recommendations.

Resolution was carried.

(Late resolution #4) DIABETIC SUPPLIES AND MEDICATION-Be it Resolved
that the Saskatchewan medicare system supply all diabetic supplies
and medication, ensuring that all diabetics would have better control
over their disease, resulting in reduced hospitalization and thereby
saving the Saskatc hewan Ministry of Health considerable resources.

Resolution was carried.