Saskatchewan Seniors Association Inc. as an organization provides opportunity for seniors to take on leadership roles to advocate for seniors and plan events & activities.

A Coordinator represents seniors in each of the 47 numbered districts and is elected at a district annual meeting. A Director from each of the 15 Regions (A-O) will be elected at the respective regional meeting. Coordinators and Directors are invited to attend the SSAI provincial board meetings to ensure that seniors from across the province are represented. Regional Directors are voting members on the SSAI provincial executive board. It is important to host annual district and regional meetings to network with others in your area and to elect district coordinators and regional directors to strengthen this organization. Ideally, these annual meetings are held in the spring (April/May) before the annual SSAI convention.


Region A meeting at Cutknife on April 25
Region B meeting at Shellbrook on May 3
District 4 meeting at Big River on April 16
District 6 meeting at Laird on April 3
District 6A has elected coordinator Elfriede Reimer
Region E – District 13 meeting on March 20 at Delisle
Region F
District 16 meeting at Vonda on April 5
District 17 meeting at LeRoy on April 12
Region G meeting at Watrous on April 30

Bengough will be hosting District 33 meeting.

*Send us meeting info for your district/region.