Pat Trask & Mike Kaminski participated in the Advocacy workshop and member consultation workshop hosted by SSM at Wesley United church in Regina.  The workshop consisted of presentations by three speakers in regards to identifying issues, usage of language and the framing of an issue in regards to advocating.  Each speaker provided an opportunity for delegates to pose questions to clarify or add a perspective to the discussion.  The speakers were: Peter Gilmour Systemic Advocacy and Advocacy methods;  Sandra Massey – Living Heritage – Links between Living heritage and quality of Life themes focusing on health and wellbeing, citizenship and social cohesion, and education and employment. And Gloria Desentes – Reframing Aging and Older Adults

On day two SSM took the opportunity to update the delegates in regards to the study of the media regarding seniors, seniors’ issues and the language used in their reports.  Then SSM also provided the background rationale for the Seniors’ Strategy that they are trying to develop for Saskatchewan.  Concerns raised were in regards to including more information regarding the perspectives and issues of seniors in rural Saskatchewan; and also utilizing research already completed in other provinces and by national organizations in Canada.  Reference was made to the work completed by ACER-CART and NPF, NIA and other organizations.  The day concluded with the various organizations providing ideas with regards to how each of them would be able to assist in the development and promotion of a Saskatchewan Seniors’ Strategy.



Previous to meeting with Ramona, SSAI submitted a document which covered the History of SSAI, the goals and objectives of SSAI, and a proposal for moving forward for advancing the issues and concerns for Seniors in Saskatchewan.  This document also included the resolutions of the 2018 AGM.

The meeting with Ramona was to address questions and to provide clarification of questions surrounding the proposal submitted to the Ministry.

After the Ministry completes its review, a further meeting is anticipated to discover what degree of collaboration and communications the Ministry is prepared to undertake in regards to providing meaningful programs for seniors in this province.



SSAI met with the two Saskatoon NDP MLA’s to develop a stronger basis for communications and collaboration for seniors.  Each MLA presented their portfolio assignments – Mowat – Health Critic and Chartier – Seniors’ Critic.   Since most seniors’ issues are related to both areas, the joint presentation was an effective use of their time and also that of SSAI.  The overall atmosphere surrounding seniors and their challenges in the province were discussed.  This included primary care, pharmacare, transportation, housing, financial security and isolation.  All of these were discussed within the context of a Seniors Strategy.  The discussion identified some of the required steps to begin the development of a meaningful strategy.

The meeting closed with agreement to continue with meetings and the sharing of information to keep both the MLA’s and SSAI up to date with regards to how we can work together to move forward.


— Pat Trask, President SSAI

— Mike Kaminski, 2nd VP SSAI