Our provincial walkathon has ended for 2019.  It was another extremely successful year.  Congratulations to everyone who participated.  It is because of our members that we are so successful at this event.

The provincial totals were 23,761 miles walked, 31 clubs participated and 306 members walked in 2019.

The first place finishers are as follows:

  • Highest Average Miles per Walker – Denzil Senior Citizens Club with 252 miles
  • Highest Average Miles per Club Member – Chitek Lake Sunshine Group with 105.07 miles
  • Highest Percentage of Club Members Walked – Gull Lake with 100%. Way to go Gull Lake!

I wonder if any of our other clubs could achieve that percentage next year.  Let us make that a goal for 2020 Walkathon.

Several of our clubs have members that walked over 200 miles and one member walked 405 miles. Congratulations to Gerald Deck from the Denzil Senior Citizens Club.

Once again, great work everyone and I look forward to next years’ Walkthon.