Our provincial walkathon has ended for 2020.  Due to Covid – 19 the participation this year was down quite a bit.  Since the convention was cancelled for 2020, we will be making Walkathon presentations for both 2020 and 2021 at the 2021 convention. Congratulations to the 10 clubs that chose to take part this year.  It is definitely a challenge to maintain some sense of normalcy at this time.

The provincial totals were 16,015.56 kms walked, 10 clubs participated and 113 members walked in 2020.  The first-place finishers are as follows:  Highest Average Kms per Walker – Ituna Social Club with 281.64 kms, Highest Average Kms per Club Member – Chitek Lake Sunshine Group with 98.63 kms and Highest Percentage of Club Members Walked – Gull Lake with 100%. Great job Gull Lake.  That’s two years in a row with 100% participation.

All of the clubs have a member that walked over 250 kms. Congratulations to Gary Granat from the Livelong Lakesiders Seniors. He walked 696 kms. Zina Verboom- Harris from Ogema walked 504 kms.  Congrats to her also.  Also, a well-deserved acknowledgement to 92-year-old Louise Pingert from Ogema.  She walked 194 kms, still lives alone and does her own housework.  Great work Louise!! Once again, great job everyone and hopefully next year’s walkathon will not be such a challenge.

Stay safe, be healthy and do your best to keep moving.

Joan Boyer
Walkathon Coordinator
Box 248|St. Louis, Sk.   S0J2C0
Phone 308-980-8151