Walkathon Final Results 2023

 Our provincial walkathon has ended for 2023. The participation in the walkathon was about the same as 2022. The pandemic seems to have changed many things in our world.  I am hoping that more clubs will be anxious to take part next year.  The clubs that sent in reports this year did very well. The certificates will be presented at the convention on June 14th & 15th.

** The provincial totals were 54,621.78 kms walked, 25 clubs participated, and 288 members walked in 2023. 

The first-place finishers are as follows:  Highest Average Kms per Walker – Ogema – 364.93 Kms, Highest Average Kms per Club Member – Kelliher – 200.35 Kms and Highest Percentage of Club Members Walked – Gull Lake – 100%. Good job, Gull Lake!!

Congratulations to Wendy Broadfoot from Allan who walked 1760 Kms.  Well done!! Honorable mention also to the following walkers, Liz Renz from Shellbrook who walked 1540.8 Kms, Marlene Wiles from Ogema who walked 800 Kms.  A special shout out to John Leonard from Ogema, he walked 480 kms at the young age of 90.  Also, Doreen Lamb from Ituna walked 334 kms at the age of 82.  Blaine Lake had a special member at the age of 90 who walked 175 kms.

** NOTE: There were 3 clubs that submitted their reports too late to be included in the Gray Matters article and announced at Convention.  Candle Lake, Foam Lake, and Edam.  That changes the club count to 28, walkers to 318, and kms walked to 60,879.45.  The late submissions did not affect the certificate winners.  

Congratulations to all the clubs and walkers for being a part of our walkathon this year. You are a true inspiration of what can be done.  Please continue to be active and join us again next year.

Have a great summer and be sure to have some fun!

CORRECTION: It was brought to my attention that an error was made in the Walkathon information in the summer edition of Gray Matters.  It was listed that Doreen Lamb was from Ogema while in fact she is from Ituna.  Sorry for the mistake Doreen. My apologies.

Joan Boyer, Walkathon Coordinator
Box 248, St. Louis, Sk. S0J2C0
Phone: 308-980-8151
Email: j.boyer@sasktel.net

Walkathon Information for 2023

Hello everyone.   It is time once again to start preparing for our Provincial Walkathon.  I will be putting the packages for our 2023 Walkathon together very soon.  Club participation last year was still down due to Covid 19 but was on the upswing. I am hopeful that 2023 will be a better year and more clubs will be able to participate.

This event is meant to encourage all the members of our Seniors Clubs across Saskatchewan to get moving after a long winter. For six weeks your club members will keep track of their daily physical activities using a formula supplied in the information your club will receive.  At the end of six weeks your information will be remitted to the event coordinator and tabulated to see the winning results. Because of the way the calculations are done every club has the same opportunity. All of this information will be available in June at our annual convention.

 It is called a walkathon but other forms of exercise are acceptable.  Cycling, swimming and bowling just to name a few.  Also using a treadmill is an acceptable form of exercise.  The Participaction website has information that may be helpful. https://www.participaction.com/en-ca. Our Walkathon is all about having fun and getting healthy.

The dates for the 2023 Walkathon will be the same as 2022, April 1st to May 15th.  Club totals must be in no later than May 25th.  I will be mailing out packages to the clubs at the end of February.  If you do not receive a package and are interested in joining in the walkathon, or have questions please contact me at one of the forms of communication listed below.   

Let’s make this a fun and healthy year!!

Joan Boyer
Treasurer, St. Joseph Seniors Club

email – j.boyer@sasktel.net

phone – 306-980-8151 or 306-422-8487

mail – St. Joseph Seniors Club
          PO Box 248
          St. Louis, SK.
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