As you are likely aware of the Saskatchewan Government`s Budget action – 2016, the prescription fees were increased by $5 per prescription for everyone in need of medications through the prescription process.  The timing and impact of this decision has very serious implications, in particular, on those individuals who, unfortunately, are suffering with a health condition which is not a matter of choice, but life.  However, the increase was a budget decision which affects quality of life of citizens who are already suffering.

As a result, we are asking all ratepayers in the province, especially the seniors, to let the government know that this decision was a bad one – one that needs to be reversed as soon as possible.  To this end we are soliciting your support through this petition.  The Saskatchewan Seniors Association Incorporated is spearheading this initiative and wants to hear the Voice of all Saskatchewan Citizens, seniors and others who care about the increased burden.  You do not have to be a member of SSAI to provide your support by signing this petition eventhough we will be using our network of clubs and members to gather the endorsations.

The timelines for gathering petition support is as follows:

Step One: We will distribute the information to the clubs and contacts as soon as possible.  The petition will also be available on the website.  It is hoped that the clubs will have the petition circulated in their communities at meetings, stores, gathering places, etc.  These petitions will then be gathered by the club presidents or designates and forwarded to the district co-ordinator by Oct. 1, 2016.

Step Two:  The co-ordinators will then collect all the petitions from their district and forward them to the Region Director or directly to Pat Trask (if it is more convenient) by Oct. 8, 2016.

Step Three:  The directors will collect all the petitions from their co-ordinators and forward them to Mike Kaminski, Box 127, Invermay, Sask.  S0A 1M0.  By Oct. 15 or bring them to the SSAI board meeting set for Oct. 17 in Saskatoon.

Step Four:  SSAI will compile all the petitions received and develop a Petition Presentation by Oct. 22.  Arrangements will be made to make this presentation to Government as soon as possible thereafter.

Your assistance in this petition will help to ensure that a better quality of life can be maintained by all our residents in this province.  Those who are afflicted with illness and require medications will know that all the petitioners care about them and want to try to help maintain a good life without additional burdens.

Thank you for your anticipated assistance and support.

Pat Trask
SSAI – President

PLEASE NOTE: We only need three signatures per page to be able to table it in the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan. This allows us the opportunity on occasion to table just one page, if need be, and to table many petitions over many days, including an entire session; or three per page also allows us to have the stack even larger for optics, and optics do matter sometimes.