Are you having difficulties getting out of your home?
Are you missing activities due to COVID restrictions?
Would you like to stay socially connected?
Would you like to participate in creative activities?

Then the Studio Without Walls is for you!

Studio Without Walls

  • a FREE interactive telephone-based program that connects
    adults 55+ in creative activities
  • available to anyone 55+ living in Saskatchewan
  • supplies are provided by mail at no cost to participants

6 creative workshop sessions over 6 weeks

choose from activities including creative writing, painting,
drawing, collage, life-story writing

These sessions are part of a research project at the University of Regina.
You will be asked to participate in 3 confidential interviews (approximately 30 minutes
each) with a student researcher, who will ask about your experience with the program and
social connection. Participation is voluntary.
You can withdraw from the project at any time, up until the 6 sessions have ended.
This project has received ethical approval from the University of Regina.

For more information and to register call:
Dr. Amber Fletcher / Dr. Barbara Meneley
PO Box 33125 Cathedral PO Regina SK S4T 7X2


Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to participate in Studio Without Walls?
No. It’s completely free!

Who can participate?
Anyone 55+ living in Saskatchewan

Do I have to talk?
You do not have to talk. But all participants will be introduced by first names at
the beginning of a session so that people know who is in the call.

Will the other participants know who I am?
No. You will be a voice and a name on the phone. Nobody will know what you
look like, where you live or even your phone number.

What if I want to chat more with another participant?
That’s great! But to protect everyone’s privacy, please contact Studio Without
Walls organizers to help to mediate your request with the other participant(s).

How long are the sessions?
Each phone session lasts between 45-60 minutes.

How does it work?
Programs are multi-person phone conversations, conference calls.

How many others will participate in the session?
Depending on the workshop, up to 10 or 15 people.

Do I need any special equipment?
No! Just a regular telephone to join in group phone calls from your own home.
We will provide any needed workshop supplies by mail at no charge.

How can I join?
Give us a call at 306-527-4379 to register.

I am interested, but not in creative activities.
No problem! Give us a call at 306-527-4379 and we will connect you with our
program partners Seniors’ Centre Without Walls, or contact them directly at